Our mastery of composite materials allows us to optimize your working tool to make it more profitable.

Examples of improvements & work

The addition of a bulbous bow extends the waterline, increasing the speed of the boat provides a better passage to the sea in rough seas and brings a drop in consumption gas oil ..

The extension ( jumboisation ) of your ship ( technique applied by the yard on over 40 m tuna ) is carried out by bringing a hull section at the back , from 1.50m to 5m without cutting the hull. This is to lengthen your body to increase such habitability or the ability to transport material or the number of passengers thus profitability. NOTE: pre- feasibility study should be performed.

The addition of a rear deck to move the raft of survival on it to save space and stability of the boat while improving hull.

The establishment of a bow thruster improves port area maneuvers with lateral thrust inside a tunnel.

With such an approach : your ship will have an added value, your assets will be valued , its selling price in the future will be higher.

We have specialists in engines, hydraulic , paint and fittings for all types of work or repairs on your boat.