Vacuum infusion technique

In order to respond to the clients’ demands, MARTINEZ Ship Construction has aimed for innovation by using the vacuum infusion technique.

Moulding by vacuum infusion is an essential process in producing large naval structures.

This cutting-edge technique involves injecting, in a vacuum, a low-viscosity resin into a laminate. Reinforcements are laid into the mould once dry, which is then put in a vacuum. The vacuum allows the laminate to compress and to control the process. The pre-mixed resin is then introduced and travels through the laminate until the piece is completely permeated.

The advantages of infusion:

  • Infusion is an evolution of vacuum lamination, improving the composite’s resistance and offering excellent mechanical properties.
  • Infusion produces very similar results to those of pre-permeated, without the additional costs associated with this advanced technology.
  • Infusion does not release PVC in the workshop, allows for a clean environment and precision work (the material being affixed in the mould until dry).
  • Infusion is effective for producing large and small sized pieces.